Inventory of 35 LED lighting companies in 2019
2020-01-02 16:58:07
With the continuous development and upgrading of the LED industry, the industrialization of enterprises has accelerated, and mergers and acquisitions have become an inevitable trend for high-level development of enterprises. Through mergers and acquisitions, enterprises can achieve strong alliances, scale effects, and increase market share and competitiveness. At the same time, through mergers and acquisitions, enterprises can expand into new areas and achieve diversified development while maintaining their original business areas.

In the past 2019, the M & A and reorganization of the LED industry has continued. Among them, there are many acquisitions by industry giants, such as OSRAM and Xin Nuofei, which have attracted much attention from the industry. It can be said that as the LED industry enters a relatively mature period, mergers and acquisitions between enterprises will only intensify, which is also an inevitable result of industrial development.

To this end, Xiaobian simply sorted out the LED industry-related mergers and acquisitions in chronological order in 2019, and listed the relevant dynamics (incomplete statistics) of 35 domestic and foreign companies to readers.

1. Tongfang Youyou intends to acquire Novelty Lights equity for more than RMB 80 million to improve sales channels

On January 3, Tongfang Youyou issued an announcement that American Lighting, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, plans to purchase Novelty Lights equity from Lighten Up Holdings for 12 million US dollars (equivalent to approximately 82.4 million yuan). Improve American Lighting's sales channels through Novelty's e-commerce platform.

2. Lutron Electronics acquires wireless outdoor lighting control system

On January 10, Lutron Electronics of the United States announced the acquisition of the Limelight wireless outdoor lighting control system created by Michigan-based strategic innovation company Twisthink and its partner TwistHDM. It is reported that Limelight is a wireless lighting control solution for outdoor and industrial facilities that can remotely control and manage, save energy and improve facility security. The acquisition of Limelight will provide Lutron with a series of powerful lighting control options.

3. Sugg Lighting, Britain's oldest lighting company, goes bankrupt and is acquired

In January, foreign media said that the old British lighting company Sugg Lighting had ceased trading activities and that the company's operations would end in January. In addition, JW UK Limited will acquire Sugg Lighting. After the acquisition is completed, the Sugg brand will continue to operate at the JW office.

4. Osram acquires equity in two companies, further transforming and upgrading

At the end of January, Osram announced the acquisition of Ring Automotive Ltd., an after-sales specialist in automotive lighting, electronics and accessories in the UK. Through this cooperation, Ring Automotive can obtain further investment to support its future growth plans and product innovations in order to continue to grow; OSRAM will also further expand the aftermarket market portfolio, while using the stable distribution channels in the UK to tap larger Sales potential and further expand market expertise. On May 2, Osram announced the completion of the transaction.
In mid-February, OSRAM also formally acquired a minority stake in the German company Beaconinside, further expanding its digital business in the area of ​​location services. By combining OSRAM's own IoT platform and sensor technology, Beaconinside's innovative solutions can launch marketing campaigns and effectively increase sales, provide detailed customer analysis and intelligent logistics shipment monitoring.

5. US industrial lighting company Phoenix Lighting acquires Bright Light Systems
In mid-February, the American industrial lighting company Phoenix Lighting acquired Bright Light Systems to further enrich its lighting control and monitoring products and help customers improve efficiency and performance.

6. American decorative lighting company Arkansas Lighting acquires track lighting company Prima Lighting
On February 28, the American family company Arkansas Lighting announced the acquisition of the lighting company Prima Lighting, and the transaction became effective on March 1.
Arkansas Lighting is a leader in the commercial decorative lighting industry; Prima Lighting is one of the oldest manufacturers in the United States specializing in cable systems, flexible track lighting, and miniature recessed ceiling lamps.

7. Delta acquires LED lighting solution provider from US $ 600 million and continues its smart city goal

On February 8, Delta Electronics announced the acquisition of Amerlux, an American LED lighting solution provider. In accordance with the terms of the transaction, Delta Electronics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta, acquired 100% of Amerlux. In early June, Delta announced the completion of the transaction.
With this acquisition, Delta Electronics will expand its IoT smart green solution portfolio for sustainable buildings and sustainable cities, including building automation, energy management, commercial and industrial LED lighting, monitoring, and indoor environmental quality systems. Towards the goals of smart buildings and smart cities.

8. Cree 2.08 billion sells lighting business, further strengthening core business development

On March 15, Cree entered into a deal with IDEAL, a global fourth-generation family company in the field of power control and management. IDEAL intends to acquire the Cree lighting product business unit (Cree) at a pre-tax price of approximately US $ 310 million (about RMB 2.08 billion). Lighting), Cree expects to receive an initial cash payment of US $ 225 million and receive approximately US $ 85 million in earnings payments within 12 months 2 years after the transaction. On May 13, the transaction was completed.

9. Xin Nuofei's big acquisition in 2019, vigorously lay out agricultural lighting and smart lighting market

On April 16, Xin Nuofei announced that it has agreed to acquire WiZ Connected, a developer of the WiZ smart connected lighting ecosystem based on Wi-Fi technology. Through the acquisition, Xin Nuofei will expand the Wi-Fi smart lighting market and further consolidate its leadership in smart lighting.
In addition, in order to further expand the agricultural lighting market, on May 20, Xin Nuofei announced the acquisition of Once, Minnesota, USA, and iLox, Feichta, Germany. These two companies are industry leaders in animal lighting design and production. Through this acquisition, Xin Nuofei will use its expertise and technology to further expand the animal lighting business.
On July 26, Xin Nuofei announced that it would acquire 51% of Zhejiang Kaiyao Lighting Co., Ltd.
The transaction will help Xin Nuofei expand its scale, inject innovation, increase cost-effectiveness, and enhance product development capabilities in areas such as smart connected lighting. The transaction will also help Kai Yao Lighting better meet the needs of brand and private label customers for innovative and cost-effective products.
On October 15, Xin Nuofei announced that it has reached a final agreement with Eaton to acquire Eaton's lighting business Cooper Lighting Solutions for $ 1.4 billion in cash.
The move confirms the strategic importance of the North American market to Synopsys. The acquisition of Cooper Lighting will greatly strengthen Xin Nuofei's position in the attractive North American market and improve the company's business portfolio.

10. Tailong Lighting intends to acquire 85% of Xiamen Shiyuan Minority Shareholders' 20% equity and 395,400 Shenzhen Tailong Lighting to acquire 40% equity

On April 22, Tailong Lighting announced an announcement that it intends to use cash of 851,900 yuan to acquire a 20% stake in Xiamen Shiyuan held by Zhu Chunli, a minority shareholder of its holding subsidiary Shiyuan (Xiamen) Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. Before the transaction, the company held 80% of the equity of Xiamen Shiyuan, and Zhu Chunli held 20% of the equity. After the transaction is completed, the company holds 100% equity of Xiamen Shiyuan.
On October 24, Tailong Lighting issued an announcement to acquire a 40% stake in the controlling subsidiary Shenzhen Tailong Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shenzhen Tailong"). The announcement showed that Tailong Lighting and Shenzhen Tailong's minority shareholder Cai Guisen signed an Equity Transfer Agreement. The company intends to use cash of 395,400 yuan to acquire 40% of Shenzhen Tailong's equity held by Cai Guisen, a minority shareholder.

11. American environmental lighting company BLG subsidiary acquires Paramount Industries

In late April, BLG subsidiary HazLoc Industries, LLC. Announced the acquisition of Paramount Industries Inc., a high-performance and harsh environment lighting solutions company, and the transaction will be completed on April 5. HazLoc will focus on new sales, marketing, and product development programs, and will leverage BLG's comprehensive capabilities to provide its customers and channel partners a huge advantage.

12. GLAMOX purchases Luxonic Lighting and its subsidiaries to complement sales and products

In early May, GLAMOX bought Luxonic Lighting and its subsidiaries, a well-known British commercial lighting company, which strengthened the comprehensive position of the two parties in the UK lighting market and provided sales and product complementarity. Glamox paid GBP 10.15 million in cash and debt-free as an initial payment for a 100% stake in Luxonic Lighting. Depending on the company's performance in 2019 and 2020, additional profit of 6.75 million pounds will need to be paid.

13. US commercial lighting company Williams acquires network system supplier to strengthen market leadership

On May 7, HE Williams, Inc., a family-owned commercial lighting company in the United States, announced the acquisition of Platformatics, Inc., a system supplier, to further consolidate its leadership in the growing low-voltage Ethernet-powered lighting market, while positioning Platformatics and promoting smart buildings. Innovation development.

14. Mingjiahui intends to acquire 465 million shares of Yongqi Lighting and realize 100% of them

On May 14, Mingjiahui announced plans to purchase Xu Jianping, Tian Xiang, Xu Weiping, Yao Yong, Ge Tengju, Sun Weihong, Yang Zhiling, Zhang Lingqun, and He Zhenyu in total by holding shares, convertible corporate bonds and paying cash. Lighting 45% equity, and plans to raise matching funds from no more than 5 (including 5) eligible specific objects. The transaction price is tentatively set at RMB 465.75 million. After the transaction is completed, Mingjiahui will hold 100% equity of Yongqi Lighting.

15. TheisCraft acquires Multiload Controls to complement product lines

At the end of May, the lighting control industry brand Multiload Controls changed hands, and the acquirer was the control company TheisCraft. Multiload's product portfolio complements TheisCraft's existing product line, and the acquisition will further TheisCraft's relationship with the independent market and the construction sector.

16. Light Engine Design acquires Curtis Mathes for smart lighting and professional lighting

At the end of May, the United States Light Engine Design Corp. announced the acquisition of Curtis Mathes, Inc., effective May 20, 2019. With this acquisition, Light Engine Design can expand its share in the commercial lighting market; for Curtis Mathes, it will effectively merge the technologies of both parties and expand its brand and reputation for quality products.

17. Lite-On Branch Super 96 million acquisition of Lite-On Japan 100% equity, integrated resources synergies

On June 3, Lite-On Technology announced that the company intends to acquire all issued and outstanding common shares of LITE-ON Japan Ltd. through a public acquisition in the Japanese JASDAQ market. The acquisition case does not set a predetermined minimum acquisition threshold. The highest value will be 6,289,529 shares of all outstanding foreign shares except the company's shares. The purchase price is 240 yen per share. The total purchase price is expected to be approximately 1.509 billion yen (equivalent to RMB 96.42 million).

18. Xiamen Cinda intends to acquire 60% of Cinda Information for approximately 167 million
On June 11, Xiamen Cinda announced that it intends to acquire 60% of the shares of Xiamen Cinda Information Technology Investment Co., Ltd. held by Rongshengda with its own funds of approximately 167 million. Previously, the company held a 40% stake and Rongshengda held a 60% stake. After the completion of the acquisition, Cinda Information will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company.

19. British Powerlite acquires Fitzgerald Lighting

In mid-June, Powerlite acquired British commercial lamp manufacturer Fitzgerald Lighting. The latter has undergone bankruptcy management. Powerlite's goal is to bring Fitzgerald Lighting back to the forefront of British lighting manufacturing and revitalize the brand again.

20. U.S. ERP acquires Lumenetix and leverages full-spectrum lighting industry trends

On June 18, American LED driver supplier ERP Power LLC (ERP) announced the acquisition of light source technology maker Lumenetix Inc. Lumenetix's tintable araya5 is driven by ERP's programmable LED driver, which replicates full-spectrum sunlight, providing rich pastel and saturated colors. Both parties stated that they are ready to make full use of the Internet of Things digital control and full-spectrum lighting industry trends.

21. Mulinsen intends to include about 215 million yuan in 100% equity of Landvance Lighting

On June 18, Mulinsen announced an announcement that it intends to transfer approximately 215 million of the 100% equity of Landvance Lighting Co., Ltd. held by LEDVANCE GmbH, the actual control subsidiary. LEDVANCE GmbH is principally engaged in the development, design and manufacture of lamps, lighting equipment and optoelectronic products. Eurolight Luxembourg Holdings S.à.r.l. holds 100% of its shares, and Eurolight Luxembourg Holdings S.à.r.l. is the grandson of Mulinsen. .

22. Atrium acquires Kelvin Lighting, becoming Britain's largest independent professional lighting distributor

In mid-June, foreign media reported that Atrium, Britain ’s largest lighting distributor, announced that it had acquired Scottish professional lighting distributor Kelvin Lighting. Merged Atrium will become UK

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