Clever use of lighting knowledge, let the mall completely changed
2020-03-14 16:44:12

Shopping malls are dazzling urban existence, good shopping malls are able to attract attention, 

become a landmark in the city.

Looking at the bright mall aisle, there must be someone who doubts that the mall aisle should 

use what wattage lights, choose what color temperature than

More appropriate?There is of course no standard answer, as each store has a different specific 

situation that needs to be matched

Different design.

Although different mall its height, width and surrounding decoration environment are different, 

but opportunely with the following a few photos

Knowing the key words can make the aisles more comfortable and pleasant.

First of all, we need to make clear what kind of light we need to lay out.

As a shopping mall, its main purpose is to serve the next store, so the store aisle light intensity 

can not grab two

The intensity of side shop, the illuminance of clothing store window is higher commonly, so 

brightness is moderate, ability is not "grab" go

The light of the shops on both sides.

200 lx to 500 lx is sufficient for the illumination of the mall corridor.The corridors must not be 

too bright to rob people,

However, it should not be too dark to make people feel that the mall is not open. The mall has 

high floors and wide corridors, so it can be installed with large wattage

A light fixture;Mall floor height is low, corridor is narrower, can wattage a bit smaller lamps.

For example, in the corridor of this shopping mall, the ceiling lights are too bright, the

 adjacent shops are attractive

By its this brightness "rob" did not, such a practice can not highlight the dazzling store, 

but the store like stars

The bright that reflects smallpox is same, do not accord with the purpose of the function 

of bazaar and service, because this is not suitable.

Mall aisle lighting to be conductive, in order to enhance the conductivity and thereby weaken a 

small amount of illumination is also good Choice.

On the left is the ceiling before it was renovated. When we enter the mall, the first thing that 

happens is that the ceiling is covered with stars

The down lights of...And the right picture after transformation, the lamp on the ceiling is reduced 

greatly, added a few lamp groove of Guidance.

Can see through contrast, although illuminance than before that downlight so much circumstance 

is to drop, but of whole space

The atmosphere is improved and the attraction of the surrounding shops is emphasized.


Below are also two contrast pictures. You can see from the central atrium, and on the 

left is the corridor about 2 meters wide before the transformation

To make it narrow.

If two rows of down lights were placed, the store's appeal would be greatly reduced.

Although according to The degree is lower than before, but the atmosphere of the 

whole space has completely improved.The mall has just had its ceiling changed 

Lighting arrangement,

The other thing is that everything is still there, so it costs very little.

This way, with small changes to make a big effect, and improved the grade of the entire 

mall, I believe that the owners must be satisfied That's amazing.

You see that after the transformation than before the transformation of illumination is 

reduced, the power is still used less, but the effect has become better.


What color temperature should be used in the aisles of shopping malls?It depends on your overall 

environment to determine the color temperature design in the scheme.

What does this environment involve?You need to think about: what kind of materials are used in 

your decoration;The environment and the self

What is the relationship between light;What is the relationship between the height of arcade and ceiling?

But in general these common areas don't have a lot of illumination, and we just said 200 lx to 500

 lx is a ratio Lower illumination.

And to illuminance is not high place, we can build a comfortable atmosphere with the lamplight of low 

color temperature, probably limits

Within 3000K-4000K, try not to match the color temperature too high.

So is it 3000K or 4000K?This depends on the overall sense of indoor atmosphere.For example, the 

previous one in the picture below is

Suitable for low color temperature 3000k-3500k, the latter is suitable for high color temperature 



Look at the atrium of the mall below.Although it can be seen from the picture that the lighting used 

in this mall is very poor in color rendering,

But the light from the point of view of color temperature is chosen appropriately.The decoration style 

of the whole mall is modern, with white color as the main color.

Therefore, it is appropriate to use a color temperature close to 4000K.

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